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Can CBD Oil Help Artists Produce Better Music?

Can CBD Oil Help Artists Produce Better Music?

  It doesn’t matter if you have problems with stress or just want to feel more creative, CBD is here for you. CBD helps people all around the world deal with depression, stress, and anxiety....


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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use these devices with my normal e-juice?

No. These devices are specifically made for use with legal cannabis concentrates. Although they are 510 thread devices they are not for use with nicotine containing products.

Cant I just use my nicotine device to vape concentrates?

The 510 thread may be the same but the devices are not. Most nicotine devices run on much higher power settings than concentrate devices. By using a concentrate cart on one of these you will either instantly blow the coil in the cart or burn out the coil severely affecting the taste of your concentrate making it very unpleasant to vape.

How do I turn my device on?

If your device has a button this is turned on and off via 5 rapid clicks of the button with 3 rapid clicks cycling through your power settings. Please refer to your device instructions for device power level indication.

My device doesn’t have a button, how do I turn this on and off?

The device is an auto draw type. This is always on and is activated when you inhale through the mouthpiece. There are no power settings on these as they give you the correct power required depending on how hard you inhale. These type of devices are ideal for preserving the delicate oil in your favourite concentrate.

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